Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Hey ambassadors! We love having fun here at MargU, but sometimes we need to throw some seriousness at you all as well... Below are a few important guidelines to follow for events and the program as a whole. 


  • We ask that each ambassador completes 1 Event or Giveaway each semester. 
  • Ambassadors gain 50 points for hosting an event/ giveaway (Max 50 points per semester). You can also earn 25 points for assisting another ambassador/ CBM with their event (Max 25 points per semester).
  • To host an event or giveaway, simply fill out an Event Support Request Form in the Event Hub of the Ambassador Portal. Forms must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event date!
  • After hosting an event/ giveaway, please submit a timely, detailed Follow Up in the Event Hub of the Ambassador Portal including 3-5 high quality photos.

Multi- Ambassador Events

  • If both ambassadors are involved from the start (Idea creation, event planning and execution, etc.) and follow up on the event, both ambassadors will receive 50 points. (Only 1 Event Support Request Form is needed- Just include both names) Each ambassador must submit their own Event Follow Up Form AND 3-5 of their own, unique photos.
  • Ambassadors who help out with an event/ giveaway will earn 25 points for assisting with an awesome event. Each ambassador assisting must fill out their own Event Follow Up Form and submit 3-5 of their own, unique photos.

Program Participation:

We want to make sure that ambassadors are receiving 100% effort from us day in and day out, and while we don’t expect the same in return, we do want to see a level of involvement the warrants the time and incentives offered to the participants of our program. Our current standard for ambassadors to return to MargU the following semester is 50% completion of to-do items. Ambassadors who do not meet this requirement will need to reapply for MargU to continue with the program. 

Please read through these carefully and always feel free to reach out to your CBMs or myself with any questions.

Fins Up!